Apr 19, 2012

eBooks, eBooks, eBooks!

The Future of Books -- via Johan Larsson on Flickr
If you've done many "book" searches in our catalog over the past month, you may have noticed a profusion of eBooks. Along with the eBook titles we've purchased and had available for some time (approximately 20,000 titles), the library has been trialing a number of eBook subscription services this past month, adding another 85,000 titles or so to the mix. With our near-100k print books, this nearly doubles our book collection!

We've just started another trial that includes another 70,000 eBook titles. Unfortunately we can't get these titles to show up in our catalog at this point (as we have with the other products), but you can certainly go take a look at them.

You'll recognize the EBSCO interface from our databases, but instead of articles, you get eBooks. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Click here --> EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

Quick questions: Have you noticed the influx of eBooks? Have they helped in your research?

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