Sep 28, 2012

Are you a budding Kasparov?

O'Grady Library now has a portable chess set, complete with clock, for check out from the library. The set comprises a fabric board, 34 chessmen (2 extra Queens), a double clock for timing moves and a handy nylon carrying case. For those times when you need a break from studying, think about playing chess! The set can be checked out for three days to accommodate those who like to take their time moving.

Sep 19, 2012

Laptop deprived?

If there are times when you could really use a laptop but the budget just won't budge, check with the Circulation Desk at the O'Grady Library. There are Dell Latitude laptops available for one and three day checkout. These come in handy carrying cases for toting around campus.

No available computers for student use in the Information Commons? Think about checking out one of those Dell laptops for the day. The Upper Level of the library has tables and carrels available with wired and wireless access to the network.

Sep 14, 2012

Honey, I shrunk my homework!

Have you ever tried to print an 11' x 17" document at the library only to have it come out like this? To print 11"x17", you have to choose the OG-ML-Copier. What??? You say that printer is not in your default printers? If not, you can add it by the following method:
Go to Start - Devices and Printers - Add a printer
Click on "Add a network printer"
Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed" (don't you hate that?)
With the radio button clicked for "Select a shared printer by name", type "\\ps\" and you will see a list of printers. Scroll down and click on \\ps\OG-ML-COPIER.
If this makes your head spin, head on over to the Reference desk and they will be glad to do it for you!

Sep 13, 2012

Oh no, my paper disappeared!

Have you ever opened an attachment in an e-mail rather than saving it to a folder? It may look like a normal Word or Excel document, but if you have not saved it first to your hard drive, you will lose all your changes. Outlook opens the attachment in the appropriate program but it is held in a temporary file and not available the next time you log in. So save those attachments by going to File - Save attachments and put it on the desktop or in My Documents.

Sep 6, 2012

Checking your print account

Confused by the new printing system or just unsure of how it operates?  Log on to your print account on the web and check your balance, add money with a print card, cancel a print job or see a history of where your print money has gone. Go to “” and log in with your Saint Martin’s user name and password. Need help navigating the menu? Check out this video on YouTube made especially for your edification!