Dec 11, 2012

Need some help relaxing?

Studying for finals is stressful. Taking finals is stressful. Waiting to see how you did on the finals is stressful. How do you deal with all this stress? Here are some ideas for you:
Relaxation exercises 
Guided exercises (with audio)
Online games - of the relaxing sort

photo by Jenisse Decker

Dec 4, 2012

Summit request now working with a new feature!

The Summit request system is back up and running normally, but with the recent upgrade, all patrons can now cancel their own requests.  Step by step directions are included below.

Step 1: Click Find Books on the main library page                      

Step 2:  Next, click the Summit Link                                            

Step 3:  Click on Sign In to access your Summit account             

Step 4:  Select Saint Martin's University from the drop down list  


Step 5:   Type your Last Name and University ID                            

Step 6:  Click Cancel Request to stop a pending loan