Sep 30, 2009

ID now needed to enter library after 8 pm

Starting October 1st, you will need a current Saint Martin's ID to enter both O'Grady Library and Harned Hall after 8:00 pm. Simply swipe your ID card on the reader next to the library front door on the very right.

Why the change?

We believe this change will enhance the safety and security of students, faculty and staff. After 8:00 pm, we have limited staffing in the library. In Harned Hall, this will enable us to keep Harned 109 open as a computer lab for students late evenings and weekends. Planning for this change began last year, and we consulted with library staff, the Faculty Library Committee, Security, and the former ASSMU president. All supported this change.

What if my card doesn't work?

Security has been updating all active cards, so we expect IDs of most current students, faculty and staff to work. If your card doesn't, please contact Security (OM 251, 438-4555, or Note that for the first few days, the library door on the far left will not be locked so that everyone has a chance to test their card, but still get in if it doesn't work. For Harned, the east door (near the stairs by the cafe area) will be left unlocked for the first few nights.

What if I don't have a card?

You'll need to stop by Security (OM 251) and pick one up. They're open 24/7.

How does this impact community members?

Community members are still welcome to use the library both weekdays and weekends as late as 8:00 pm. Most library use by community members has been before 8:00 pm, so this change should have little practical impact. Both O'Grady Library and Harned Hall will make exceptions to the 8:00 pm limit for special events.

Sep 28, 2009

Display at O'Grady

You might have noticed that the Tamblyn Catalog Alcove in the O’Grady Library is a little more chaotic than usual. This is because we are continuing our participation in the September Project by using the alcove to display various aspects of Iranian culture. Most of the display has been created by students from the SMU Language and Culture class.

But faculty have also contributed to the project. Prof. Lee Mohler created a poster about a famous Persian mathematician who gave us the cubic equation.

As you head to the reference desk or the commons area, stop by and take a look at the collages, paintings and multimedia work.

Put on the headphones and listen to samples of Iranian music, learn a little about Persian food, women, religions, sports, architecture, calligraphy, art, legends and ceremonies.

These small projects work like pieces of a puzzle. Placed together, they paint a more complex image of Iranian culture than most of us encounter in our daily lives.

In addition to what you see on the walls, there are three computers in the alcove that are dedicated to this display. Each has several student projects that will rotate throughout the day. Or, if you can't make it to campus, you can view Lucas' project about Iranian music on YouTube.

Sep 4, 2009

The September Project at O'Grady Library

This year, the O’Grady Library invites you to be part of the September Project. We explore the history and the current events of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the country of Iran.

Our events include:

Through September - A display on Iran and Persia

The display is set up in the library commons area

Sept 15 - Workshop and Talk on Twitter and Iran

Kathy E. Gill from the University of Washington gives a hands-on workshop on Twitter, followed by a talk on the role of Twitter in the recent street protests in Iran. See slide show here.

Sept 24 - Screening of Persepolis

Persepolis is a film based on a graphic novel by an Iranian writer Marjane Satrapi.

Tea and discussion will follow the film showing. This is organized together with Jamie Olson as part of the Faith on Film series.

Sept 24-Oct 1 - Student interactive display

SMU student projects about the culture(s) of Iran will be on display in the library alcove

Instructors, please contact Dr. Irina Gendelman ( or 360-486-8826) for more information, to talk about ideas or logistics of how your students can contribute to The September Project at the O’Grady Library. This is an exciting global event, let’s be part of it!

Sep 3, 2009

Music Workstation

The library now has a music workstation that students, faculty, and staff can use whenever the library is open. A 61-key Yamaha keyboard with sustain pedal can be checked out at the Circulation Desk for use in the Lindskog Media Study Room M5. The workstation in this room is equipped with music notation, composition, and teaching software, including Finale PrintMusic.

If you're interested in trying out the new music workstation, just stop by the Circulation Desk and ask to check out the Yamaha keyboard and the key for Media Study Room M5. If you need help using the equipment or software, contact me via phone (360-486-8827) or email ( You can also stop by the library Sundays-Thursdays and ask for me at either the Reference or Circulation Desks.