Sep 29, 2014

Which database is right for me?

One of the best questions asked of us in the library is, “Which database should I use?”  Some databases, like Academic Search Premier, are quite general and can address needs in a number of different  subjects or disciplines.  Others, though, like Proquest Criminal Justice, are focused on a specific subject.  Finding the right database can be the difference between finding or missing the information you need.  

To help you out with this decision the O'Grady Library has a tool on our homepage that should help you with figuring out which database will be best for you.  In the left-hand column, you will find a link to a list of available databases:

Once you get to the database list, there are tools to help you filter it by subject and by content type to help you get to the database you need.  Check out this quick video to see how to get to the database list and how to get around it once you get there:

If you still have any questions about finding the right database for your research, please feel free to contact your Saint Martin's Librarians: Kael Moffat, Serin Anderson, or Scot Harrison!