Mar 1, 2011

All work & no play

We know that Saint Martin's students work hard. But keeping your nose to the grindstone without coming up for a break is no way to live. So when your work is done and Netflix and YouTube have ceased to entertain you -- because really, there are only so many episodes of "Jersey Shore," "True Blood," and skateboarding cat videos that a person can sanely watch in a day -- check out some good times from your friendly public library.

Especially convenient for students living on campus, the Lacey branch of the Timberland Regional Library (TRL) is right across the street from Saint Martin's. However, no matter where you live in the area, there is probably a branch near you.

--Want to download some free music (good stuff, not just "Polka Music with Uncle Bob")?
Click here & get started using FREEGAL today.

--Want to borrow some bestselling books to read on your laptop or iPad? Click here & discover the world of free e-books -- includes popular bestsellers and classics!

--Got a commute into Saint Martin's & looking for some great audiobooks to keep yourself awake? Click here & savor the wealth of free audiobook fiction & nonfiction -- includes popular bestsellers and classics!

--If, in the bizarre event that you wish to read an actual book, use the online catalog to see if they have what you want.

Special note to education majors: TRL has a gigantic children's & young adult section.

Additional special note everyone else: if you don't have a TRL card, it's very easy to get. As an added bonus, TRL allows reciprocal borrowing with many other library systems, including Pierce County, Seattle, and quite possibly your home library system if you are from Western Washington.

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