Nov 17, 2010

You owe $13.7 trillion!

Well, not really. That's how much the United States government currently owes (AKA "the national debt"). You probably heard a lot about the national debt during the recent midterm elections. Well, now is your chance to fix the debt and put the U.S. on track to solvency. Go for it!

FIX THE BUDGET! (courtesy of the New York Times)

When you're done playing, check out these other sites for the latest data and information on your money. What you thought it was the government's money? Well, the government's money comes from comes from you! And you, and you....

Congressional Budget Office
White House Office of Management and Budget
Bureau of the Public Debt (an agency of the U.S. Treasury)

Don't know your deficits from your debts? Start right here with Federal Budget 101 (PDF) -- an awesome introduction (or refresher!) for us all.

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