Sep 4, 2009

The September Project at O'Grady Library

This year, the O’Grady Library invites you to be part of the September Project. We explore the history and the current events of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the country of Iran.

Our events include:

Through September - A display on Iran and Persia

The display is set up in the library commons area

Sept 15 - Workshop and Talk on Twitter and Iran

Kathy E. Gill from the University of Washington gives a hands-on workshop on Twitter, followed by a talk on the role of Twitter in the recent street protests in Iran. See slide show here.

Sept 24 - Screening of Persepolis

Persepolis is a film based on a graphic novel by an Iranian writer Marjane Satrapi.

Tea and discussion will follow the film showing. This is organized together with Jamie Olson as part of the Faith on Film series.

Sept 24-Oct 1 - Student interactive display

SMU student projects about the culture(s) of Iran will be on display in the library alcove

Instructors, please contact Dr. Irina Gendelman ( or 360-486-8826) for more information, to talk about ideas or logistics of how your students can contribute to The September Project at the O’Grady Library. This is an exciting global event, let’s be part of it!


  1. i agree, beautiful drawings and an excellent story