Aug 29, 2009

New computers in library

The library is starting the fall semester with new computers loaded with Windows 7 and new 22” widescreen monitors. Logons should be faster, and the computers support the slick Aero interface with which Vista users are already familiar. These are Dell Optiplex 760s, with Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs (2.8 GHZ) and 4 GB of RAM that should handle even the most resource-intensive engineering applications.

They of course have Microsoft Office 2007 Professional (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc.), Microsoft Visual Studio, and many other applications needed for your classes. You will also have a choice of browsers this year--Internet Explorer or Firefox.

As with any major Microsoft upgrade, menus and short-cuts have changed and moved. Having trouble finding the program you need? Ask at the reference desk.

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